AEGEAS Non-Profit Civil Company

The “Non-Profit Civil Company AEGEAS" was incorporated in 2015 by Athanasios and Marina Martinos, to undertake their, already valuable, individual non-profit, cultural and social work.

The company is active in many different sectors:

  • empowers with donations education and sports actions,
  • undertakes infrastructure projects in the health sector by modernizing and renovating health facilities,
  • promotes and preserves the Greek Cultural Heritage by restoring and conserving monuments and by supporting archaeological excavations,
  • aims at preserving our Religious Heritage by constructing and renovating churches and monasteries,
  • to achieve lifelong learning, the company supports, through various donations, existing museums, libraries and other cultural organizations and contributes to the creation of new ones,
  • supports publishing activities, to enable the dissemination of knowledge,
  • provides scientific research with financial aid,
  • carries out social non-profit activities with the ultimate goal to improve quality of life,
  • supports the reinforcement of Public Security and National Defense through donations to public organizations and Legal Entities of Public Law.